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Baby Care

Look into Kiki Click if you are seeking baby caretaker services in Hyderabad. The post-natal time is the time when the infant requires a lot of care and hiring a home nurse for babies the right course of action. Your home nurse for your baby is now a few clicks away from you. We have a specialized team of dedicated nurses who will take care of your child. Newborn baby care at home is quite a difficult task. So there arises a need to hire someone who takes care of mother and baby at home. After leaving the nursing home or the hospital, you can directly avail our services that include proper care and support for the baby onto which you can rely on.

Handling newborn needs delicacy and tenderness and we provide baby caretaker services at home, especially newborn baby care at home only. Not every woman can handle herself and the baby after this sea of change, so taking the assistance of someone is required. Therefore, we are there to help you with the best baby caretaker services under our services; you will get holistic services for your baby with optimum care.

Kiki Click brings personalized Infant care products to meet all the demands of your baby care. We create a healthy environment for the proper care, growth and nourishment of your baby. We ensure that all your worries are taken care of, and you spend maximum quality time with your baby.

Baby massage and bathing the baby

Holding, diapering and cleaning the baby

Engaging the baby through toys, nursery rhymes and books

Maintain a clean and safe environment for the baby

Oral medication as directed by parents


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